Monday, June 16, 2008

Anything to report?

No, not really. He have heard from Jacob and we posted some photos in a link down below. We are adding to our clothing line with some new designs, so make sure that you check back to order your new t-shirt, beanie hat, or work shirt. Bad Dad had a good Father's Day, he got a little sun burned and spent the day with his 3 daughters at the lake!

Take care! Ms. BD

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Jeff & Brenda said...

We'll give you an OOH RAH!!! We're sure Jacob will be as impressive a Marine as he was a business man when dealing with the customization of our Street Glide. Ashame about the hair though... Someone should have told him that he could keep his hair.... All he needed to do was take a plastic bag with him :-)

Jeff & Brenda SW Pennsylvania